Reactionary Communism?

We must firmly fight against social-chauvinist attitudes in the communist movement. Social-chauvinism is theoretical detritus dumped on the heads of the masses and a massive disservice to many comrades who are engaging in concrete struggles against homophobia and other garbage deriving from atavistic/religious prejudice. Social-chauvinism is the recreation of class divisions within the movement, it is the failure to tap into the contradictions of bourgeois society to broaden our ranks by drawing in people who are doubly or triply or quadruply exploited because of their skin color, nationality, gender or sexual preference. It is lack of seriousness and is really just acquiescence to “traditionalist” and religious refuse from the dumpster of class society.

The Queer Gathering

It is often assumed that communism equates liberation for the whole of humanity from the shackles of oppression; this includes Persons of Color, Women, and, of course, Queer people. Yet is this set in stone? When a communist mode of production is realized and class society has disintegrated does this automatically entail equality for oppressed and minority groups? Just the same, is the inverse true: is a classless society which still oppresses Queer people (and others) “communist” even when classes have dissolved?

If communism is defined as simply a classless society than it must be agreed upon that bigotry and communism are compatible. To efface such birthmarks more would need to be added to the definition. Yet, as it stands, this is a peculiar contradiction. Mostly for its “against the grain” attitude as communism is traditionally seen as liberation.

Facts do, however, stand in the way. Glaringly, the bourgeois mode…

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No Revolution, Perpetual Incorrectness, Speak Anyway: A Trotskyist Sect on the Chinese Revolution

An excellent take-down against some Eurocentric-chauvinist slanders against Mao and the Chinese revolution.

Red Midwest

fi-symbol The Imaginary International.

The IMT (International Marxist Tendency) is a British based orthodox Trotskyist party. They have a branch in the US called the WIL, or Workers’ International League. This US branch has a branch here in Saint Louis. To their credit, the overwhelming majority of their members (I think they have like 6 or 7), are fairly decent personally, which is more than can be said for most Trotskyists, anyway. They show up to events, sell their papers, chant, and go home. Harmless enough, at least better than the other Trotskyist group here. That being said, personability doesn’t make up for horrible politics and positions. I came across a particularly atrocious “historical piece” from their website last week, titled China’s Long March to Capitalism. Now, I’m used to Trotskyist historical revisionism and hysterics whenever a revolution led by a party that doesn’t believe that Stalin was the most…

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Cast away illusions, prepare for struggle!

This slogan is of immense depth and importance. Here, Comrade Mao implores the masses in China to do away with backward and reactionary ideas and to prepare for the hard, bitter struggle to overthrow the shackles of semi-feudalism, comprador state bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism. It has eternal and universal appeal to the world’s revolutionary masses, especially those living in the semi-colonial and oppressed countries. Essentially, it is a call for the world’s masses to wake up from their slumber, to put away their delusions (whether in the realms of philosophy, economics or social practice), and to initiate concrete and strategic steps for the long road of revolutionary emancipation from capitalist-imperialism.